What is a Doodlebugger?

I spent 10 years as a doodlebugger or seismic exploration surveyor working in far off places, many of which I had never heard of before accepting a job offer from Western Geophysical.
Doodlebug refers to the huge vibrators that send energy into the ground that lets geophysicists give a best guesstimate as to the structure underneath and its potential for commercial oil reserves.

The doodblebug life is interesting, challenging, sometimes difficult but the best part of the seismic life is the break schedule. You worked rather than lived in these out of the way places, often in large mobile trailers but sometimes in tents, boats or anywhere you could get a bed. After six weeks or so the company would give you a few weeks off to either go home to your family or if you were single head off to an adult Disneyland.

This website and blog are about my stories, pictures and experiences being a doodlebugger and my travels since then.

The XDoodlebugger

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Vibrators crossing a river in Turkey
Surveying in Oman